The Best Gift for Everyone on Your List

If you are like me, gift giving can be a challenge. What can I get my loved one that will be thoughtful and meaningful? What can I put together that will not just get thrown away or shoved away in a closet somewhere, but instead actually useful and desirable? Giftsets are great because the work is already done for you. You have some sort of customization of what goes in the box, but the thoughtful boxing, wrapping and even the gift messaging can be done for you. One less thing to worry about, and it takes some of the stress and guesswork out of the process.

So, I have been working really hard the last few weeks to put together gift sets and bundles that showcase all my best product offerings. And all in time for our Black Friday sale so folks can snag them right before the holiday.

The gift set + bundle I am most excited about is our BESTSELLER giftset. This is usually what we send out to our potential stockists to give them the best of what we have to offer all in one. Only the best for our stockists, so only the best in this gift set. It includes: one of our signature soaps, a shampoo + conditioner bar set, AND our 3 bestselling lip tints!

Here’s a little information about each item featured
in our BESTSELLER Gift Set:

#1) Corvus Botanicals Signature Soap 

You cannot go wrong with our selection of soaps. They are a year-round classic, and a perfect gift for the holiday. Made the old fashioned cold process method and they are palm free + vegan. Made with unrefined, cold pressed, organic oils and butters which are packed with skin-loving nutrients.

Our soaps contain soothing Shea Butter and/or Cocoa Butter that are sourced from a small shareholder community in Ghana which is certified Organic & Fair Trade and hand-processed by women. Some of our soaps are made with exfoliating botanicals like crushed walnut shells to buff away rough skin that is all too common this time of year. And finally, they are scented with only 100% pure essential oils. The lather is described by our customers as creamy and silky, leaving your skin feeling clean yet nourished. Our holiday best sellers are: Pumpkin + Spice Soap, Blood Orange + Clove Soap, and our year-round best seller is our Lavender + Lemongrass Soap.

#2) Lip Balms + Tints 

Our best selling lip tints are perfect for all the ladies in your life! And for the dudes, choose our moisturizing ECLIPSE Lip Balm instead! All of our lip balms + tints are formulated to be ultra-nourishing, packed with skin loving oils and butters of organic sunflower oil, coconut oil and fair trade shea butter, as well as local + ethically sourced beeswax.

Our Lip Tints have a HUGE fan following. It is no surprise because they are perfect for even the non-lipstick wearer that just wants a subtle pop of color. They not only highlight your natural beauty, but they keep your lips moisturized all day. Our top selling shades are VENUS which is a rose mauve color, JUPITER which is a rouge burgundy color, and CALLISTO which is a coral glow color. We have so many shades to choose from, so you are sure to find the perfect one for the leading lady in your life.

#3) Shampoo + Conditioner Bars 

These hardly need an introduction, and talking about fan following OMG. So many folks are trying to reduce their plastic waste and make better personal choices surrounding their bathroom products. A good shampoo bar is a great + easy place to start, and it is a very thoughtful gift. The buzz has gotten around enough that they’ll probably say, “Oh, I’ve been wanting to try one!” And you can be the person that gifted them that life changer.

Our large shampoo bars last 80+ washes and are super gentle, vegan, palm free, ocean-safe & they come in compostable packaging. Plus, it will be a great conversation starter! Our top sellers are:
SUNSTONE (made with Lavender, Hibiscus, Rosemary and Thyme),
ETHERAL (Oatmeal, Marshamallow Root and Chamomile) &
EMERALD (Spirulina, Nettle, French Green Clay, Cypress, Thyme and Rosemary).

We have plenty of shampoo bar scents to choose from that will be perfect for everyone on your list!

Final Details

And to top it off, all of our gift sets are gift wrapped and boxed up plastic-free with the option to include a gift message! We can ship it to you if you want to give it in person, or we can send it to your loved one directly.

Shop for yours today here!