Our Story

A note from the Founder:

I started this company back in November 2017 out of the need for sustainable skincare + beauty representation. I found myself walking down store aisles struggling to find brands that aligned with my values. Between unsustainable ingredients, excessive packaging and inaccessible price points, it was a challenge to find brands that met all my standards.

So I decided to create one myself.

With a background in Environmental Biology and a passion for conservation, I put sustainability and eco-ethics at the forefront here at Corvus Botanicals. This means creating a brand that advocates rebuilding our human connection to Nature and promotes holistic sustainability. I firmly believe that โ€œNature is Universal.โ€ As Wendell Berry once said, โ€œNature is the thing that we all have in common.โ€ We are all living on this big, blue, beautiful planet, and this commonality can bring us together to be good stewards of our Earth.

Join me as we do whatโ€™s good for the Earth, and good for your skin!

- Stacia Thompson-Wrench, Owner