Our Story

A note from the Founder:

I started this company back in November 2017 out of the need for sustainable skincare + beauty representation. I found myself walking down store aisles struggling to find brands that aligned with my values. Between unsustainable ingredients, excessive packaging and inaccessible price points, it was a challenge to find brands that met all my standards.

So I decided to create one myself.

With a background in Environmental Biology and a passion for conservation, I put sustainability and eco-ethics at the forefront here at Corvus Botanicals. This means creating a brand that advocates rebuilding our human connection to Nature and promotes holistic sustainability. I firmly believe that “Nature is Universal.” As Wendell Berry once said, “Nature is the thing that we all have in common.” We are all living on this big, blue, beautiful planet, and this commonality can bring us together to be good stewards of our Earth.

Join me as we do what’s good for the Earth, and good for your skin!

- Stacia Thompson-Wrench, Owner